Carpenter Jobs Ashburn, United States

Jobs openings and opportunity in Carpenter Jobs

Carpenters work to create and repair structures and other items. They calculate quotes, meet with clients and style plans for reworking projects. Carpenters work to design, build and repair structures. They may work in domestic and commercial settings, on construction sites or in factories and workshops. A successful Carpenter candidate will need good qualifications and practical experience.

Carpenter qualifications/skills Requirements:

  • A bachelor's degree or an apprenticeship in carpentry
  • Creativity and style skills
  • Able to read basic drawings
  • Have training on construction safety protocols
  • Forklift operator training work would be preferred
  • Must be familiar with hand and power tools such as drills, chisels, sanders, saws and nail guns
  • Joinery or cabinet-making skills
  • Estimate heights, width, length, and other proportions
  • Knowledge of building regulations and codes to be adhered to
  • Experience in a specialty may be required for certain jobs (such as joinery or laying wood flooring)
  • Able to work overtime when needed
  • Carpenter Job Responsibilities:

  • Installs foundations, walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs
  • Fits window frames, doors, door frames, door hardware, interior and exterior trim
  • Design materials to specified measurements, using hand tools or machines.
  • Follows established safety rules and regulations
  • Maintaining a safe and clean environment
  • Repairs wooden fixtures used in buildings
  • Moves necessary materials around jobsite as assigned
  • Keep worksite debris clean