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Uber Eats

Posted On: 2021-05-06 (valid until 2021-12-31)

Location(s): Auburn, ME, 04210


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About the job

UberEats is an American online food ordering and delivery platform based in San Francisco, California, launched by Uber in 2014.

Everyone knows Uber as a rideshare service. After all, they provide quite five million rides every single day. But that’s not all they are doing. Recognizing that it already had an outsized network of drivers, Uber launched the UberEats service in 2014. Today, their delivery partners are ready to offer food delivery in dozens of cities across six continents. UberEats allows customers to order meals from local restaurants. From fast food joints to nice restaurants, UberEats makes it possible for patrons to have a meal delivered straight to their door.


Deliver for Uber Eats. Work on your schedule, earn on your schedule. Earn Extra Money. You’ll earn by bringing people the food they love from local restaurants. Become your own boss, no supervisors to bother you. Choose your wheels on your own. Get paid instantly within minutes.More reliable than a part-time job or seasonal work.

UberEATs drivers pick up food from local restaurants and deliver the order to customers. Food ordering is all handled for the driver by UberEATs, so the driver simply goes into the restaurant, picks up the food, and then drives to the customer's location. The driver may deliver the order curbside or to the door.

No experience necessary. But, if you have previous employment experience in delivery (such as a delivery driver, food service, food delivery, delivery runner, or courier) you may enjoy delivering with UberEats!


Maintain a high degree of communication, especially when communicating with restaurants and customers Ensure food order is complete and proper, to the customer’s specifications outlined in the order details Safely transport the things from restaurant to customer location Deliver order to customer, ensuring quality upon delivery remains consistent as when picked up


  • You must be 19 years or older (18 if delivering by bike or foot)
  • You must have a minimum of 1 year of driving experience
  • You must have a legitimate driver’s license, proof of insurance, and up-to-date vehicle registration
  • You must be ready to carry a minimum of 30 pounds
  • You must pass the Uber Eats background check
  • Vehicles can’t be older than 15 years
  • You can’t drive a rental vehicle, unless it’s rented directly through Uber
  • You must have an policy on your name
  • If you’re driving a car, your vehicle must be from 1999 or later. Since you’re not actually transporting passengers, the vehicle requirements for Uber Eats are less stringent than for Uber itself.

    Assuming that your car meets the requirement, you've got to even have a policy in your own name. If you borrow a vehicle from a relative or friend, your name must be listed on the policy. If you’re unsure whether your vehicle meets the special requirements for your particular city or region or if you've got the other questions, you'll also speak with the Uber support team directly.

    Car Requirements:

    Meet the minimum age to drive in your city, have a 2‑door or 4‑door car that's 20 years old or newer, have a legitimate driver’s license, registration, and vehicle insurance, and have a minimum of one year of driving experience

    Scooter Requirements:

    Be a minimum of 19 years old. Have a motorized scooter under 50cc that's 20 years old or newer. Have a legitimate driver’s license, registration, and vehicle insurance. When signing up, make sure to click on Deliver with a Scooter under transportation method.

    Bike Requirements:

    Be a minimum of 18 years old and have a government‑issued ID. When signing up, make sure to click on Deliver with a motorcycle under transportation method.