Instacart Shoppers

Instacart Shopper - Delivery Driver - Immediate Hiring

Posted On: 2021-06-21 (valid until 2021-12-31)

Location(s): Adams, MA, 01220


Salary: --


About the job

Are you willing to earn in your free time? Sign up to be an Instacart Shopper Delivery Driver today!

Shop and Earn!!

You can earn by shopping for others!! The more you shop the more you earn. You can pick and choose whichorders you want to accept. Once you accept the order you drive to the nearest store or the specified store and you shop.Once you have collected all the items you load the bags in your car and drive to the customer's address to complete thedelivery.

Full-service shopper works under independent contractors that use the Instacart platform to shop and deliver orders fortheir customers. A valid license with a car is mandatory.

This opportunity has lots of flexibility in choosing your shifts, with no limit on how many shifts you can fulfill.Shoppers get paid per batch that they complete. Instacart pays weekly as well as on every order.


Instacart is the market leader in grocery delivery in North America. They are working to make grocery delivery easy,affordable, and open to everyone. Instacart is dedicated to diversity and giving independent contractors the samebenefits as employees. Instacart hires eligible people regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, race, veteranstatus, disability status, or other factors.


1) How much amount you earn per batch of orders?

It depends on various things:

  • The number of items
  • Type of items
  • Distance traveled
  • The effort involved in shopping and delivering.
  • 2) What is a Full-Service Shopper?

    Full-service shoppers are also known as independent contractors. They use the Instacart platform to buy and deliverorders for customers

    They have the flexibility to choose batches, with no limit.

    3) What is an In-store Shopper?

    In-store shoppers are Instacart employees who shop in one store at a time. They can schedule shifts, up to 29 hours perweek.

    No car is required for this role.

    4) What are the job criteria?

  • 18 years aged or older.
  • Eligibility to work in the U.S. or Canada.
  • A smartphone either Android or iPhone.
  • A functioning, registered vehicle (for Full-service Shopper)
  • Vehicle insurance, in accordance with local laws.
  • Can lift 30+ pounds.
  • Following Instacarts food safety policies.
  • 5) What are the basic responsibilities of a Shopper?

  • Login Instacart app and accept the batch.
  • Check live chat of customer’s orders.
  • Handpick products on customers' lists in the correct order.
  • Check the availability of the items in the customer’s list.
  • Ensure that no items have been overlooked.
  • Confirm customer’s orders, and inquire into additional requirements.
  • Lock customer’s orders, and provide them with delivery timelines.
  • Pack customers’ items and place them in vehicles.
  • Drive vehicles safely to customers’ homes and offices for delivery.
  • Provide customers with ordered items, and associated bills.
  • Collect cash and tender change and receipts.
  • Attend calls of customers, and if any discrepancy regarding incorrect deliveries occurs, sort it out.
  • Handling Exchanges and Returns of the products, if required.
  • Handling negative feedbacks gently, if any.
  • Maintaining logbook of customer interactions on a daily basis.