Instacart jobs near me - Grocery Shopper

Instacart Shoppers

Posted On: 2021-04-13 (valid until 2021-12-31)

Location(s): Abingdon, VA, 24210


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About the job

Customers order groceries from their favorite local stores, and Shoppers handpick the things and deliver the order to them.

Shoppers receive a digital shopping list from customers then detect those items at an area grocery, before exposure at the customer's door with the products.

There are two different shopper roles with Instacart: full-service shopper and in-store shopper. Each has different benefits and requirements.

Full service shopper

  • Shop and deliver groceries
  • Independent contractors
  • Able to work on unlimited numbers of hours per week
  • You'll need a car with proper insurance coverage to complete deliveries
  • In store shopper

  • Part time employees
  • Work up to 29 hours a week
  • You won't need a car.

    Instacart is one of the most popular grocery delivery apps. It is best for you if you hate waiting in lines at the store. Instacart allows you to shop your favourite grocery stores from the comfort of your home, using your computer, tablet or smartphone. The groceries can be delivered to your doorstep in as little as an hour. You also have the option for your groceries to be delivered later on the day, the next day , or even in a few days.

    You even have a personal shopper who will choose all your produce and carefully select fresh items on your behalf. If your ordered item is out of stock, the shopper will find you a close replacement. Customers can even chat with their shoppers,so they have peace of mind that those mangoes they forgot to order can be added to the delivery.

    Unlike other grocery delivery services, the company doesn't stockpile fresh produce in a massive warehouse. Instead, their shoppers shop at major grocery stores in your area through its website.

    Basic Requirements

    There are a handful of basic requirements you have to meet if you want to make money as a shopper with instacart.

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have legal authorization to work in the US.
  • Be physically dexterous so that you can lift 30+ pounds of groceries and other items.
  • Have a checking or savings account.
  • Able to operate a smartphone (android or iOS)
  • Have a valid driver's license and access to a car.
  • Must have a set of insulated bags.
  • Basic Responsibilities

  • Start the app and accept the batch.
  • Provide clients with information help on certain products.
  • Respond to questions regarding items.
  • Confirm customer's orders
  • Handpick items on customers lists, in the right order.
  • Rum items through checkout counter and pay for them through cash or cards
  • Drive the vehicle safely to the customer's location.
  • Provide customers with ordered items and associated bills.
  • Collect cash and tender charges and receipts.
  • Handle exchange and return through the application.
  • Use feedback to improve customer service.