FedEx - Package Handler, Warehouse- Immediate Hiring

FedEx Supply Chain

Posted On: 2021-04-21 (valid until 2021-12-31)

Location(s): Amlin, OH, 43002


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About the job

FedEx package handler duties and responsibilities include loading and unloading packages from aircraft, vans and trailers. Some package handlers use heavy equipment such as forklifts and Tugs to move freight cages and containers from vehicles to sorting facilities.

Some package handlers work in sorting operations, moving packages from cages and containers to conveyor belts. Others work in the rewrap department, repackaging packages with inadequate or damaged packaging.

FedEx’s sorting system uses technology that scans a package’s shipping label along every step of its journey. The conveyor networks in FedEx hubs are equipped with scanners that track the location of each package within the facility. Throughout the sorting operation, package handlers position packages in a way that allows scanners to read shipping label barcodes and Q codes.

FedEx handlers must recognize hazard material labeling and properly handle packages containing hazardous materials. FedEx provides extensive hazardous materials training to all package handlers.

FedEx Package Handler Job Requirements

  • You do not need package handling experience to apply for a FedEx package handler job, but you want to be a minimum of 18 years old to qualify.
  • You must have the power to read and discern numbers quickly, so as to stay up with the fast pace of the sorting system.
  • Working in a team environment requires workers to possess good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Package handling jobs require strength and physical stamina. They need to have the power to lift 75 pounds and use equipment like pallet jacks, hand-held scanners, dock carts, dollies and forklifts.
  • Job candidates must pass a checkup and drug test to qualify for employment. Package handlers must be willing to follow safety rules and directions, and always wear protective gear like steel-toed boots and hearing protection.
  • FedEx package handlers must be deadline oriented and have the power to work quickly and efficiently under stressful conditions.
  • FedEx Package Handler Work Environments

    Package handlers work in a variety of environments. Some work on offload or onload teams, loading and unload aircraft at FedEx airport hubs. Others work in warehouse settings, loading, unloading and sorting packages in FedEx’s ground shipping operation. Some package handlers work at FedEx stations, transferring packages from shipping containers to delivery vans.

    All package-handling environments are fast paced and noisy. Some package handlers must work outside during hot summer days, frigid winter nights and seasonal downpours. FedEx provides package handlers with uniforms, raingear and thermal jumpsuits, along with safety gear such as hearing protectors, goggles and steel-toed boots.

    FedEx Package Handler Pay and Benefits

  • FedEx package handler wages vary by location. Most package handlers start at $16-18 per hour and are eligible for a raise after working for six months, based on performance.
  • FedEx offers a comprehensive benefits package for permanent full- and part-time workers. In addition to vision, medical and dental insurance, the company offers retirement plans. Employees also receive paid holiday and vacation leave.
  • FedEx employees also enjoy reduced shipping rates and discounts on airline tickets.
  • Job Responsibilities

  • Sorting packages and placing them on sorting machines that transfers the products to loading docks.
  • Ensuring the safe and successful transfer of products and packages to their intended destination.
  • Handling goods and documents in a busy warehouse setting.
  • Loading/unloading packages and parcels on and off under the instructions received by supervisors.
  • Communicate efficiently with fellow workers, supervisors and other members of the team.
  • Well versed with automated and manual packaging machines.
  • Moving and storing materials and products.
  • Managing internal control procedures and cycle counting to make sure the safe handling of parcels and packages.
  • Loading heavy packages onto the conveyor belt or on delivery trucks.
  • May also be required to select up and deliver packages in a timely manner to the intended destination.