Student worker - Warehouse Team Member

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Posted On: 2021-04-13 (valid until 2021-12-31)

Location(s): Abington, PA, 19001


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About the job

Student worker- Amazon Warehouse Team Member

Amazon is looking for hardworking warehouse team members with some attractive facilities. The students who want to earn extra money can apply for it as it offers part time job facilities with flexible working hours.

If you are physically strong and want to get a satisfactory salary by doing some simple tasks for the warehouse then apply for it right now. It is true that you need to be physically strong for performing certain tasks perfectly because as a warehouse team member you need to receive as well as process the incoming stock and materials physically. Along with that one needs to do other physical labour like picking and filling orders from stock, packing and shipping orders, or managing, organizing and retrieving stock.


Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and a prominent cloud services provider.

The company was originally a book seller but has expanded to sell a good sort of commodity and digital media also as its own electronic devices, like the Kindle e-book reader, Kindle Fire tablet and Fire TV, a streaming media adapter.

Amazon Web Services(AWS) is a comprehensive, evolving cloud computing platform. The primary AWS offerings were launched in 2006 to supply online services for websites and client-side applications. Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Storage Service (S3) are the backbone of the company’s large and growing collection of Web services.

Responsibilities and duties of an Amazon warehouse team member

The main responsibilities of an Amazon warehouse team member would be protecting the customer's trust.

The warehouse team members are responsible for sending and receiving orders from customers. They have to welcome the delivery trucks, then receiving and tracking the shipments. Additionally embark merchandise in delivery trucks using appropriate tools.They also have to handle carefully the fragile orders. They are also responsible for tracking and documentation of arrival and departure of orders.

Tagging and labeling are also done by those warehouse members. This labeling procedure is done according to size, shape, and type. Along with this wrapping and packing the merchandise is done by the members of the warehouse. They have to follow the perfect as well as relevant protocol to process the items in a standard manner of procedure.

While the orders are made ready for shipment, the warehouse members are allotted in charge of taking records of the items. Along with this they have to take notices of damaged items. They handle these damaged items and take them for further procedures.

Additionally one may need to operate various kinds of operating tools for managing the merchandise, these management tools will help the workers to do the job more systematically.

The extra responsibility of the Amazon warehouse team members is to examine the returned items by the customers. They need to process customers' returns which lead to refunds. They examine the returned product regarding the condition of the product. And pass it for resorting the defect and reselling.


The Amazon warehouse members are offered to do both part time and full time jobs. Besides, one can also apply for extra working hours.

For students who want to earn extra money along with pursuing their academics can apply for weekend shift, evening shift, early morning shift. They can serve as part time workers for warehouses with flexible working hours and shifts.


Amazon provides great facilities for its workers. Safety and a healthy environment for its workers is always seen as the utmost priority of Amazon. The basic attractive facilities which you love to enjoy are:

  • Savings plan - If you are a student and looking for a secure part time job, then you can apply for this job because it has a savings plan for all the workers. This would definitely help you in the long run.

  • Paid leave - You can apply for paid time off by mentioning your genuine reasons.

  • Health facilities - It has a great health and safety measure department. This department would look after your safety as well physical fitness. Weekly or monthly physical tests are done to promote a healthy environment among the workers.

  • Holiday pay opportunity - You can earn a yearly holiday package based on your performance.

  • Training facilities - Amazon does not necessarily ask for experienced workers. If you are new to this field, you do not need to be worried because it has training facilities for the workers. This training helps you to learn from the primary level.
  • Pay structure

    Amazon provides the facility of hourly payment for its workers. The hourly pay scale of a warehouse team member is $15.00 - $18.15. The base pay for this role is $15 per hour. Besides, if you do extra hours then you can earn extra money. You can earn higher money per hour if you opt for the overnight shift.

    Requirement for Amazon warehouse team worker

  • High school or equivalent diploma
  • Minimum knowledge regarding the operating tools of the warehouse.
  • Knowledge regarding data entry in inventory and logistics software programs Problem solving attitude
  • The applicant must be skilled at interpersonal communication A good team worker
  • Physically fit and active for practical warehouse task
  • Organisation and time management skills are necessary.
  • Tough previous knowledge or working experience is not needed but previous working experience would be considered as a great criteria.
  • *Amazon is a global organisation committed to provide employment without discriminating against any race, sexuality, nationality, religion. It searches for quality workers. If you find yourself fit for this job you can apply it anytime.