Amazon Workforce Staffing

Order Fulfillment Team (Schodack Area) - Immediate Hiring

Posted On: 2021-09-24 (valid until 2021-12-31)

Location(s): Adams Basin, NY, 14410


Salary: --


About the job

About the company

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and a prominent cloud services provider.

The company was originally a book seller but has expanded to sell

Amazon is hiring more and more people for its warehouse settings. If you are physically fit to lift some basic objects in the warehouse and looking for a job with minimum qualification then you can easily apply for the Amazon Order Fulfillment Team.

You will get a facility of flexible working hours, hence, you can do this job according to your own convenience. Weekend shifts, early morning shifts, night shifts, evening shifts are available. You can apply either for part time or full time. Extra night shifts will let you earn extra money.

Job Description

As an Amazon Order Fulfillment Team Worker one needs to work in the warehouse settings of Amazon. The workers in this category are responsible for handling customer’s order. Taking work orders, locating merchandise in storage locations, and picking and packing them for shipping to awaiting customers are some basic tasks done by the team workers. You will be assigned under a specific supervisor. They will guide you to handle your works systematically by following rules and regulations of the warehouse.

Warehouse team workers need to do some physical tasks also. They sometimes need to lift some heavy warehouse products, engage in uploading and unloading of orders. Along with a warehouse order fulfillment Team Worker must learn to operate the warehouse equipment and other necessary tools for maintaining a systematic and hustle free order procedure. Some of the operators they need to learn about are forklifts, pallet jacks, cherry pickers, and walkie-riders.

Job Functions

The primary responsibilities of Amazon Warehouse Team include:

  • Understand the customer’s
  • Verify the products and ensure that they are in good condition followed by performing packing duties.
  • Taking proper records of all picked and packed items into the Amazon order database.
  • Safely upload the products to specific delivery vehicles. Proper safety measures for the ordered products must be done.
  • Maintaining a healthy and clean warehouse setting by following all the protocols.
  • Ensuring customer privacy.
  • Examining the conditions of returned products, putting them for sorting and reselling.
  • Job Requirements

  • Above 18 years.
  • High school diploma or equivalent diploma.
  • Ability to lift some basic objects in the warehouse.
  • Long time physical fitness is preferred.
  • Knowledge of warehouse equipment and tools are preferred.
  • Good communication skill.
  • Positive attitude for teamwork. Cooperation li>Previous experience is not needed but it would be regarded as a great eligibility criteria.
  • Good time management skill.