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Amazon Picker/Packer - Earn up to $15/hr or more!

Posted On: 2021-09-24 (valid until 2021-12-31)

Location(s): Addison, IL, 60101


Salary: --


About the job

If you are looking for a career in a warehouse setting at Amazon and willing to work flexible hours, this position may be the ideal fit for you. This Fulfillment job comes with minimum requirements and pays a decent salary. Picker/Packer job can be quite physically demanding. It’s also one of the most important positions in Amazon warehouses, with responsibilities that include locating the merchandise and tracking the inventory. This job is ideal for those who can grow well in busy work environments.

What does a picker packer do?

As a Picker, the job responsibilities include preparing packages for shipment from the warehouse. You check the items needed on the invoice from the inventory, quality check that they are in good condition, and pack them for shipping. With this, Packer is also responsible for labeling different types of merchandise and ensuring that enough stock levels are being maintained.

  • Pull and pack products based on daily orders.
  • Distinguish the products and then organize them.
  • Maintain quality assurance.
  • Carefully pull the items that include digital or print requests and place them in the correct box for loading containers.
  • Able to operate warehouse equipment and vehicles. (Palletizer, Pallet Wrapper, Dolly Loader, Forklift, Bhendi, and Electrical Pallet Jacks).
  • Responsible for maintaining accurate inventory.
  • Report if there are any mechanical problems.
  • general cleanliness of the warehouse.
  • What are the qualifications for order picker and packer?

  • Scanning and sorting outgoing stock
  • Pulling, packing, and loading
  • Receiving, stocking, and stacking
  • Education Criteria, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:

  • High school diploma, GED, or equivalent
  • 6 months retail or customer service experience preferred
  • Forklift Certification required
  • Familiarity with Radio Frequency (RF) equipment preferred
  • Looking for a Picker/Packer with the following Professional Skills:

  • Problem solver who can detect errors quickly, if a problem occurs.
  • Quick decision-making power and act accordingly.
  • Good communication skills to efficiently work with the team.
  • Proficiency in basic computer applications.
  • Safety-conscious.
  • Knowledge of using radio-frequency equipment.
  • FAQs

    What do a picker and packer do?

    Pickers and Packers work in warehouses and logistic departments. Picking the product as per the information provided and packing the same safely for getting it ready for transport.

    How much do Packers make?

    Picker and Packer are paid on an hourly basis based on their experience and knowledge.

    Is picking and packing hard?

    Picking and Packing both are fast-paced jobs that require skills like good decision-making power, efficient communication, and good knowledge of radio-frequency tools.

    What qualification is needed to become a Picker/Packer?

    High school diploma, GED, or equivalent, and the candidate must be a minimum of 18 years or older.

    What skills are required to be successful at working as a picker packer in a warehouse environment?

    Careful, Punctilious, and Scrupulous are the most important skills one needs to be able to work as a picker/packer in a warehouse environment. With this, one needs to possess problem-solving skills, be efficient, and should have the ability to work in a team environment.